Pop Box Popcorn (Movie box) – Lite Butter (10 Pack)


Introducing The Good Popcorn Company’s Lite Butter Pop Box Popcorn, a guilt-free option that doesn’t compromise on flavour! Handcrafted in Australia, our Lite Butter Popcorn offers a lighter twist on the classic buttery taste you love. Each kernel is air-popped to perfection, resulting in a light and crispy texture that’s perfect for guilt-free snacking. With our Lite Butter flavour, you can enjoy the deliciousness of buttery popcorn without the excess calories. The delicate buttery notes add just the right amount of richness and satisfaction, making it a perfect choice for health-conscious popcorn enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a wholesome snack option or simply want to indulge without the guilt, The Good Popcorn Company’s Lite Butter Pop Box Popcorn is here to satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself to the lighter side of buttery goodness and experience the perfect balance of flavour and mindful snacking.